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PERSONA 5: PlayStation 4

The Phantom Thief lurks in the shadow of these troubled middle school teenagers.  Their altered egos hide underneath their typical urban life.  Persona 5 creates a fresh twist to the genre of RPG, with this unpleasant coming-of-age story.  There is the role of a high school student in his second year who turns to be a Persona-user due to an untoward incident.  He moved to Tokyo a few days earlier than the opening of school year where he finds a home in a café owned by a friend’s family. This is where he’ll get to taste the real life of the big city.  At first, the leading character is an ideal and well-mannered individual then shows off a completely different character once his phantom thief disguise is donned.

PERSONA 5Arsene is the primary persona of the protagonist, represented by a relatively pair of black and huge wing with a visible mask-like appearance face. Arsene Lupin is one of the most famous, gentleman thief associated with the protagonist altered ego. The greatest power that the persona holds is from the accumulated wild adventures and misfits of these young individuals who developed self-confidence along the way.

In Shujin Highschool, the lead characters will some important individuals, each characterized by their own charm and personality. Life at school in the city is packed with surprises and other interesting events, a definite fun year for all specially the protagonist known to the city as an ordinary student. However, they will be involved in a timely incident that will awaken their Personas. These adolescents will shock the world, but to no one’s belief. With an all new metropolitan setting, fresh and original story together with its all-new cast, people around the globe will see a different spotlight in the world of RPG.

Persona 5: All that is need to know

Many are unfamiliar with this intimidating series; even the title itself isn’t that suggestive for most casual gamers. This series earned quite a few negative comments but it can never be drag down-given as such title, there is a reason that one should have the idea even before he or she begins with something.  As the fifth entry in one of the long-running game series, you cannot assume that you are left behind if you were not able to play the first four.  Grateful for the brilliant mind of its developer, Atlus taken all this into consideration and trust gamers to carry the message along the way, and the latest release of the Persona franchise is a complete standalone.

The more you understand the Persona 5, it gets better and better. There is a fine balance between partaking in activities and the importance of figuring out what are helpful and what’s not and take the necessary action. The cast of characters gets better and better as the game progresses. There are friends thrown by Persona into the mix; to name a few, we have the talking cat named Morgana; A messed up young girl named Anna; and Ryuki, the punk rocker and athlete at the same time. As strange as it seems, one can develop a relationship with these characters, both as digital or real self.

From here, business runs as usual as the developer stayed true to a turn-based system that has been so well accepted in the past. It may take a while getting used to specifically if you are new, but combat will soon become a familiar place and the depth of challenges being required to maintain the interest of the players will surely last from start to finish. The new addition of stealth is a brilliant move.

Persona 5 and Hitman will never be rivals, but this new series has taken the game to a higher level. Persona 5 is a keen way to uncover enemies’ weaknesses and exploit to defeat them with constant rewarding with an array of extra advantages if one manages to keep up with the game for a prolonged time. It’ll make your brain work harder, turned to switch on mode all the time removing the feeling of boredom and not feeling tired at all.

Persona 5 is taken into consideration as one of the JRPGs in most current time, with immeasurable originality and entertainment with straight forward weirdness. Damn pretty good! It’s a perpetual awesome premise, fun menial task, even looks great with battle systems that is thought out and planned smartly creating appropriate weirdness. However this asks a lot of one’s time since tasks gets very tough as the game progresses.

Persona 5: Its Availability

This game is developed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles by Atlus, and is part of the much larger Megami Tensei franchise.  Atlus also published this in North America and Japan, while Deep Silver lead the publishing in Europe and Australia.  The game was initially released last September 2016 exclusively in Japan then to the rest of the world last April 2017.

Rated as M by the ERSB, this game series has blood and drug reference, partial nudity, strong language and violence with some sexual themes. Given that it is in the RPG genre and was created and developed in Japan, this will not greatly affect the wide array of the game enthusiast that will still go and get their hands to this somewhat intimidating game.

Persona 5: Editions

Just like any other videogames, Persona 5 came in with four editions. The most common and favoured by many gamers is the standard edition that’s already out in the market for $59.49. Then the SteelBook Edition which is sold at $61.43 that has a SteelBook collectible case together with the game. Also available in the market for $75.99 is the Persona 5 with Chinese subtitle. One of the fave in the market is the “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition, $138.98, is packed with the game, collectible SteelBook case, CD containing the soundtrack, Morgana 4” Plush, an artbook in hardcover with 64 pages and a school bag together with an outer box awesomely collectible too!

This amazing game is readily available in digital and disc versions from all your online and game stores across the globe. However, bear in mind that this is not available for international shipping, unless a very good friend will send you one.

Without a doubt, this is the best Persona game by far. A solid 101x better style and music than ever, not to mention the combat has very obvious improvements too. It will finally allow switching of characters in the middle of the battle, definitely with a cost such as the MC’s turn. Nevertheless you can pass to the other characters the extra turns whenever you put an enemy down. But not like the Persona 4, it’s a little disappointing that the solving of mystery doesn’t rely on players anymore. Moreover, the end part of this game hits an extreme balls-to-the-wall intense. I feel the need to stop, so as not to spoil the fun of getting in the game and experiencing first hand everything for yourself.

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