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NBA 2K18 Legend Edition – Nintendo Switch

The highest rated NBA sequel for this console comes back with the unprecedented authenticity and much awaited upgrades on the court. Developed by Visual Concepts and made possible packed with awesomeness by 2K Games, compete against players from across the globe and dominate the competition of NBA 2K18 with its debut on Nintendo 2k18

What we need to know about NBA 2k18

NBA 2K18:Pre-Order

BA2k18 is now available for early birds from , and; offering the early tip off access and get these extravagant legend edition digital items including 100,000 VC, 20 MyTeam packs to have the perfect dream virtual team, delivered a team per week, with authentic Shaquille O’Neal game cards, a Team 2K Free Agent card, and many more! Shaquille’s Attaq will be available too, together with Shaquille O’Neal rookie jersey, Shaquille O’Neal official shirt with logo and jersey bearing Shaq’s nickname and a championship ring. There will also be physical items such as a poster, 5 out of 10 possible Panini cards and Shaquille MyTeam stickers which you need to hit the store since these will not be included with the digital version. This is not available for the international shipping but will be readily available on US market, that means any game store both online and physical store will be able to provide you the greatest access to the league.

NBA 2K18: When is it going to be available?

Join the craze as this marvel is set to hit the market on September 19, 2017. However, for those who pre-ordered, you can get the early tip off access to the full game on September 15, given four days earlier, get ahead of everybody and lead the game!

NBA 2K18: Gameplay

Take pride in creating your MyPLAYER and compose your team’s story throughout the whole NBA journey in MyCAREER. Enthusiasts may also construct their own all-star MyTEAM with all the latest wide range of card types to choose from. One may also be in command of the competition and prove your worth by going against other players from all around the planet via MyLEAGUE and MyGM. The game will continue the franchise’s tradition as “the gold standard of basketball simulation” with incomparable realism and true to life like NBA gameplay. Rated E by the ESRB, it is safe to say that the game is suitable for all ages though it may contain very few animation, fantasy or minimal violence and/or infrequent use of mild language.

The NBA 2K18 is the first for Nintendo Switch, but will also be available Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and personal computers. For those die-hard NBA fans, this might be a love and hate relationship. With a 6.2-inch tablet and two versatile, removable Joy-Con controllers, Switch is capable of used solo or split for local multiplayer. While lacking the raw power to produce 4k HDR graphics, its design is absolutely surprising. Due to its dual purpose, the Switch comes with a complete set of gear. Surprisingly, Nintendo’s new flagship console comes in small and handy. However, its accessories will come at a much higher price compared to its competitors in the market. As a gaming enthusiast with very limited time to play games at home, this one’s the thing for you. But as a home console, after the Joy-Con issue was fixed, this one will be competitive enough.

NBA 2K18: In a much-awaited sense

NBA 2k is the series is the longest running; highest rank basketball simulation video game developed and released every year since1999. The game series aims to mirror a basketball game, centered on the National Basketball Association, and creating improvements on preceding game installments. There are already eighteen game installments for NBA 2K18. The platforms were designed by the amazing Visual Concepts; where Sega released the first to sixth games before they let go of Visual Concepts to the new Take-Two Interactive, thus creating the new 2K Sports. The game series has been consistently achieving critical and commercial fame. 2K has begun releasing the details for this year’s entry of the premier basketball simulation later last year but revealing details one at a time that leads to a much higher curiosity for those NBA 2K series enthusiast. It was officially confirmed last January 2017. NBA 2K18 is said to have improved game visuals, gameplay mechanics, and compelling modes, with the NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal on the cover this year’s Legend Edition Gold.

The next entry to 2K’s annual sports franchise is the best basketball simulation in the market right now; living up to its legend for always taking a lead spot in yearly’s Top Videogames. Packed with the incomparable accuracy and complete real life line up and statistics for players, the game enthusiast will be given the opportunity to take their favorite team through a series of many competitive modes as a single player in a fascinating league.

NBA 2k18 Game Installment

Veterans should feel right at ease with this game installment. With the addition of new statistics, modes and increasingly realistic visuals, this is the same old addictive gameplay. Although very few information is known regarding the 2K18’s improvements aside from having Shaquille O’Neal as the Legend Edition cover star.

For those game enthusiasts, gameplay will be an advantage since some of the returning gameplay modes including MyGM, MyCareer and MyLeague come in very handy with the usual options for offline and online multiplayer. MyTeam will also return, as this is a base for gathering a virtual collection of trading cards for each favorite players and teams. Definitely, NBA 2K18 will have a more refined gameplay as the game progresses.

2K will have Kyrie Irving, the point guard of the Cleveland Cavaliers as the cover star of NBA2K18 standard editions, alongside with the Shaquille O’neal for the legend editions and Gold Legend Editions respectively. Like the previous installment, there will be new and exclusive game contents when NBA2K launches the Legend Edition that will provide players with early access to the game and further reveal once this magnificent game landed on your hands.

And yes… we will definitely not miss out one of the most common inquiries of all…The ordinary Legend Edition will run for around $100 while the gold edition will cost around $150. There’s still months to go, so it is never too late to save up! Start clicking and choose the best NBA 2K18 edition that’s right for you. Be in command and the envy of all your friends, get ahead of the game and create the most brilliant line-up of star players that will surely hail you as MVP.

NBA 2K18: the future

On February 2017, Take-Two Interactive together with the NBA disclosed the creation of an eleague focusing on the NBA 2K franchise that is set to start within 2018. With a much closer resemblance to the structure of the NBA, this is the first of its kind to be manned by a professional sports association from North America. NBA franchises will own and operate the teams and will feature five professional players on eSports. The teams will go against each other, and each member of a team will only use their in-game MyPlayer in the upcoming NBA 2K franchise. The NBA eleague will feature a regular basketball game season, including the playoffs and finals too.

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